Running the Neighborhood

Happy Wednesday!

I’m finally feeling better. This cold was nasty but short, thankfully. I don’t like to take any kind of medicine unless it’s 100% necessary, so I just rested up, drank some green juice, got some vitamin D, and tried to sleep it off. And that seemed to do the trick.


How to kick a cold.

Jeremy and I finished up our last week at the office last week (by working 38 hours in three days, it was intense), and now we have begun getting prepared for our departure. We are still going to be doing some work, we can just do it remotely. There are three apartment viewing appointments in the next few days, so we spent yesterday cleaning up and organizing some things around here. I wanted to go for a run since I wasn’t sore one bit from Saturday (I was pretty happily surprised. Hydration, stretching and compression socks work wonders), although after each race so far the top of the second toe on my right foot always hurts so badly. I think I get a blister under my nail or something. It’s black so I guess I’ll lose the nail soon, I just wish it didn’t hurt so bad to the touch. I hope it’s my shoes or something and it can be solved. I decided to run around my neighborhood since it’s pretty much all hills and because the course was so flat on Saturday, I figured I could work some other muscles. I only did a few miles and took it nice and easy, but it was very enjoyable. My toe hurt even more last night though, so I guess I’ll rest today, and fingers crossed it will feel better tomorrow (I’m really itching to get this marathon training underway, I’m getting a little nervous about it). Here are a few shots from my run yesterday.

The Mission.

The Mission.




Tried out some new Mizuno shorts... they are much shorter than my normal Lululemon ones I wear all the time, but I liked them.

Tried out some new Mizuno shorts… they are much shorter than my normal Lululemon ones I wear all the time, but I liked them.

My 'hood.

My ‘hood.

Jeremy and discovered this really great deal at Whole Foods where you can get a tofu entree and two sides from the prepared salad bar for only $6. It’s so much food, and it’s always super healthy, and we’re kind of hooked.

It originally came with three pieces of tofu but I ate one immediately.

It originally came with three pieces of tofu but I ate one immediately.

One more note, I have been a Zappos fan for years, but I recently ordered a running cap and some insoles, and they came in the most gigantic box ever. After opening the huge box, there was another big box containing the hat that took up one little corner. It was so excessive! I still love them though.

Come on, Zappos.

Come on, Zappos.

How’s your week going?


  1. I experienced my first damaged toenail after my half last fall. The sales guy at my running shoe store said they’re usually attributed to one of two things: (1) your shoes are too small, or (2) running a lot of hills (down in particular). My shoes are good, so I think the hills on the half are what caused my nail. But, I also think socks that too tight and pulling on the toes don’t help.
    Hope it heals soon.

    1. Thank you, this is really good to know! I haven’t found a pair of shoes that’s a perfect fit yet, this could definitely be the reason. I hope to try out some Brooks Transcends soon, I’ve read some great reviews.

  2. I’ve never lost a toenail from running…I DO have a black toenail that like to pretend is from running, but I’m pretty sure that it’s actually because I ran over my toe with the hand truck at work while moving boxes of magazines (approximately 200 – 300 lbs.). I also recently have been having the same problems with my second toe that you’re talking about…I know my shoes are not too big, and since I’m running on the treadmill, I have no downhill…but I’m pretty sure it’s because my foot lands too heavy during my speed workouts, which I really need to work on fixing so I don’t get injured!

    1. Hmm, I wonder if I’m doing something similar. Sometimes when I get tired I feel like I clomp along and I have to really remind myself to be light on my feet. My shoes feel nice and roomy in the toe box and I haven’t been running too many hills… I’m hoping it’s a shoe fix, I want to find my perfect shoe so badly!

  3. I’ve had a couple of black toenails throughout my time running, it hasn’t happened lately though, but I won’t say it out loud because I don’t want to jinx it.
    That place looks lovely and the meal delicious!

    1. Thank you for stopping by! Did your toe hurt a lot when the nail got black? Do you have an idea of what changed to make them less frequent? I’m eager to get this sorted out!

      1. To be honest, I never felt anything. Not while I was getting it, not even after the race. When I had cooled down I felt a sorta tingling, a small pressure, but pain. When it fell, I panicked, it happened when I was putting a jean on, that hurt a bit, but nothing to cry about.
        As someone else’s said, running downhill will get you, you’ll either get blisters or black nails, because of the friction.
        I haven’t made any radical changes, however, I’m more picky about socks nowadays, no cotton socks will ever enter my place ever again!
        I hope you find something to prevent it.

      2. I pretty much assumed if I ever got a black toenail I wouldn’t really feel it, that’s why I’m confused as to why there’s so much pain. But it does seem like it’s a blister under the nail. Thank you for the info, I hope to find a fix soon too!

  4. Love the pictures from your run – looks gorgeous! Last year around this time I had a trip to San Diego and was running around Coronado, which looked similar. Definitely missing anything resembling warmth at this point! 🙂

    Good luck with your toe! I had one nail go my first half-marathon but have been lucky ever since. Shoes definitely are supposed to factor into it.

    1. Thanks! Yes, I do not envy those stuck in the never-ending cold… I’m actually hoping it’s a shoe factor so I can finally find some shoes that work for me. It’s been a long process to find my perfect shoe, and the search continues.

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