Day Tripping: Portovenere, Italy


One of the days my parents, Jeremy, and I were in Sarzana, we decided to take a day trip to Portovenere. The Cinque Terre were a little too far away, and Portovenere was only about a 30-minute journey by ferry from La Spezia. We parked the car and made our way to the dock to catch the ferry.

La Spezia

La Spezia

The ferry ride in itself was really fun, and there were beautiful views all along the way. Even though we never made it to Cinque Terre, at least I got to set my eyes on some colorful seaside towns.



Approaching Portovenere.




When we arrived, we walked around the town and through the narrow alleyways, climbed up to a church on the cliff (where a couple had gotten engaged virtually seconds before we arrived!) and admired the views, and found a lunch spot on the ocean to have a cocktail and some food.







What? I always stand like this.

What? I always stand like this.

Aperol Spritz - so refreshing

Aperol Spritz – so refreshing


Lunch with a view.

We had a really nice afternoon exploring Portovenere, and it seemed like it was a good decision after hearing how packed Cinque Terre is during the summer. There weren’t THAT many tour groups, and we were able to relax and just slowly meander around the coast.


  1. What a gorgeous place and such cute colorful buildings! And really what an amazing place to get engaged for that couple that you saw. 🙂 It sounds like the perfect, relaxing little day trip!

    1. All the different colored buildings is one of the things I loved most about Italy! Makes me want to buy a house in the US and paint it bright yellow…

  2. I love all the different poses you test out 😉 looks like a beautiful place to spend a day hun! Has it really sunk in yet that you guys are in Europe, and can go to all these neat places at the drop of a hat?

    1. haha thanks! I think I’m a professional awkward picture poser by now. It’s pretty crazy how close everything is here, Jeremy and I talk about that a lot. A one-hour flight can get you across Europe… in California it barely gets you halfway up the state!

  3. I can’t get over those colors! The sailboats and buildings by the ocean are breathtaking! PS – these may be some of my favorite pictures of you, Jeremy, and your folks yet! Love you! xo

  4. you’re going to get sick of me telling you i love all the pictures and i’m super jealous.. so this time i’m going to tell you that your hair looks killer. It’s so humid in dc right now i have a daily ‘fro

    1. Never sick of it… but I will take a hair compliment, thank you. I didn’t have a hair dryer that week, so it means that much more to me.

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