Southern California

In Transition

Phew, Jeremy and I are all moved out of our apartment, I can use my right hand again, my knee is feeling good, and my neck is less painful. Things are definitely better than last week! I feel like I let myself feel a little too defeated, when I’m usually very optimistic. I guess moving is just always very stressful.

We are now living at my parents’ house until Friday, when we leave for San Diego. It’s really nice being back in the home I grew up in, and sleeping in my old room. There are always perks being home also, like my mom’s amazing cooking, being walking distance to my favorite beach, fine wine every night, etc. Not to mention spending time with my parents since we’re leaving so soon.

On Thursday, we rewarded ourselves with a moving break and walked down to our favorite neighborhood restaurant for breakfast.


Best breakfast.


We’ll miss this neighborhood.

After moving all day and taking many trips to our storage unit, our neighbors invited us to meet them for drinks for happy hour, and it was so needed.

On Friday, we finished moving and went out for a date night at a place in town called the Lucky Penny. After, we met up with two friends that did the same thing we are about to do, but with kids. They quit their jobs, packed up their house, and traveled the world. They came back after nine months, but are in the process of potentially doing it again. They blogged about it here, although the site is getting a revamp. They are pretty much the reason we had this idea in the first place, and we kept thinking, if they can do it with two kids, why can’t we do it, just the two of us? It was great to talk to them and hear stories, and for the first time I think ever, it hit me that we are leaving so soon and I started to get REALLY excited.

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Dinner date.


Dinner at Lucky Penny.

On Saturday, the expected storm had started, and it ended up raining all weekend. It was great. Jeremy and I went down to the beach with my parents because we heard there were huge waves hitting the wall where we usually sit to eat lunch. There were tons of people watching the waves, and they were seriously gigantic. A video has been circulating around the internet from someone who was at a restaurant on Stearns Wharf here, when a big wave crashed through the window. You can see it here.

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Stormy beach.


That evening, we headed up to Santa Ynez to have dinner with my brother and sister-in-law, their two kids, and a friend of ours. We ate at a delicious restaurant called Sides Hardware and Shoes. After dinner, Jeremy, our friend Trent, and my brother went to the casino to do a little gambling while my sister-in-law Jacqueline and I hung out at her house with my nephews. It’s hitting me hard that I won’t get to see them as much as I normally do, but we’ll just have to make up for it when we get back.

Yesterday, I helped my mom get ready for my parents’ annual Oscar party. They’ve been throwing them since I was a kid, and they are always a blast. It was more low-key this year, but my mom always goes all out with the food, and of course I overdid it at the snack table.

My mom's a pro at making cheese platters.

My mom’s a pro at making cheese platters.

Oscar party!

Oscar party!

It was a really great weekend, and since it’s sunny today, Jeremy and I are going to walk to the beach and hopefully go hiking later. Happy Monday!