Road Trip USA

Well, Jeremy and I have officially left for the first leg of our adventure! This week has been absolutely crazy, but we finally got everything together, finished putting stuff in our storage unit, and packed our suitcases. We’re currently on our way to San Diego, and we may stop in Los Angeles for lunch. We’re staying in SD for the weekend, then leaving for our cross-country road trip Monday morning. Georgia here we come!

Santa Barbara -> San Diego -> El Paso -> New Orleans -> Charleston -> Athens -> Columbus -> Atlanta -> NYC -> Iceland




      1. Yeah those long car rides are a killer! I do all of my blogging completely on my phone by using the WordPress app, if you want to use that as an option…

      2. Oh wow, really? I posted this one from the app, I just get frustrated at my sausage fingers and how much more difficult it is for me to post.

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