My Next Race

photo-8 copy 2Happy Monday! Thanks everyone for the birthday and get well wishes, I’m feeling better and hopefully the celebrations can happen soon! Jeremy and I explored Paris a bit more over the weekend, although I tried to keep things nice and easy, as to not overdo it when I wasn’t 100% better.

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The Louvre.

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Jardin des Tuileries.


Place de la République right after a big rain storm.

Place de la République right after a big rainstorm.

Jeremy and I had to get pictures taken for our Navigo Decouverte public transportation cards for the month and you're not allowed to smile. They look like mugshots.

Jeremy and I had to get pictures taken for our Navigo Découverte public transportation cards for the month and you’re not allowed to smile. They look like mugshots.

Yesterday, after taking an entire week off, I was feeling well enough to try to run (I adhered to the neck rule, if your symptoms are only above the neck it’s okay to run, below the neck it’s not, to summarize). I was planning on doing an easy three miles to see how I felt, but I ended up running six. Originally it was because I was feeling surprisingly good and wanted to keep going, then I got lost and ended up so far away from our apartment, it turned into more miles than I had anticipated.

Seen on my run.

Seen on my run.

The back of the castle near our apartment. It was such a nice day.

The back of the castle near our apartment. It was such a nice day.

This morning, I finally registered for a race! I haven’t run a race since the San Diego Half Marathon right before we left for Europe in March. I had big plans on running a ton of races while traveling, but it’s been so hard to find ones that actually coincide with our trip, and in many countries you need a signed doctor’s note to run, which I don’t have.

Originally, I had my eyes set on the Budapest Half Marathon in September. Jeremy and I booked an Airbnb there and it seemed to be good timing. We then booked an apartment on the island of Zakynthos in Greece to travel to after Budapest. Well, we booked these things way back in April, before we had any idea how our travels would unfold. It was stupid. We had high hopes that it would be super cheap to get to Budapest and Greece, and it would take us all the way into October. After checking pretty much weekly for prices of airfare to both places, it was obvious that it was going to be way too expensive. It was a bummer, but a good lesson to learn (namely, don’t get so caught up in the excitement of travel and pictures of the turquoise water in Greece that you neglect to think about practical stuff like exorbitant travel costs and logistics). One crazy thing about the Budapest Half Marathon is that the cut off time is two and a half hours. That is insane! I ran the SD Half in 2:15, and I was taking it easy, but still… I’d be at the back of the pack.

So, I was on the lookout for a half marathon again. After we leave Paris at the end of August, we are traveling to Bordeaux to meet up with some friends. I saw online that airfare to Dublin from Bordeaux was pretty inexpensive and Jeremy and I had talked a lot about traveling in Ireland, so I did a quick search of races in early September. Serendipitously, the Dingle Half Marathon lands on the perfect weekend. The Dingle Peninsula is on the west coast of Ireland, and it is sister cities with Santa Barbara (where I’m from), so I’ve been hearing about it since I was young. It was fate! We quickly figured out that we could make it work, so we booked plane tickets to Dublin, and we’re going to rent a car and drive to Dingle. After the race, we’ll drive north some, and then land back in Dublin and spend a week there. I’m pretty excited!




 The course looks beautiful, and it runs through countryside and along cliffs going into the ocean.

Pictures from the event’s website:








I am so excited to finally have a race to look forward to, and to train for. I am no way near in shape enough to PR, and apparently the course has many brutal hills. I’m not concerned with my time at all, I just want to enjoy the scenery and the experience of running a race in a different country.

Dingle itself looks like an extremely charming coastal Irish town filled with colorful pubs and B&Bs. There’s even a dolphin that lives in the harbor (by choice) named Fungie. I just want to hear some traditional Irish music being played next to me at a pub and drink a Guinness. Only five weeks to go!


  1. That sounds like a great race! Have fun and enjoy it! The scenic views look beautiful. I’m so jealous of all your international adventures and glad you’re taking advantage of racing there 🙂

  2. Sorry you had to eat your lodging expenses in Greece, however it looks like you found the perfect race. Those views are stunning! And I think it’s awesome you’re running in Dingle because I’m sophomoric and the name makes me giggle.

  3. I’m so excited to hear about Dublin! My parents’ neighbors are from there so let me know if you need any suggestions from locals 🙂 Those views are spectacular! Speaking of views, I can’t believe I’ll be seeing those Paris views in 3.5 days!! ❤

  4. Omg I am sooooooo jealous of this one haha!! A half in Ireland??? Dream come true for me! I need to start researching this before we buy our tickets next year. I will be super sad if I can’t fit in an Irish race next year 😉

    1. I’m excited! There is a dolphin statue that looks like the one in La Arcada and it’s also made by Bud Bottoms, I’m definitely going to take a cheesy picture with it.

  5. What an amazing opportunity! I went to Dingle when I was studying abroad and visiting Ireland and I LOVED it. I was there in March so the weather wasn’t very nice but it was just a beautiful and charming city with lots of nice people. I can’t wait to hear all about your training!

  6. Oh man!!! I didn’t know they had a half marathon there!!! We drove around the Dingle Penninsula and stayed in Dingle for a night at a BnB. Loooooooved it! Yes, live music everywhere in the pubs. Yes Guinness! I bet the race will be amazing!

  7. I’m thinking that’s probably the most beautiful location for a race EVER. Holy moly! You are going to have such a wonderful time!

    I’m so glad you are feeling better and have been able to run and get some sightseeing in. I wish I ever saw a castle while out on one of my runs.

  8. Your pictures are beautiful! Sounds like you picked a great race. Good luck with training!

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