My Body is Weird

I’ve been really wanting to start my morning runs before sunrise so I can see it happen over the ocean. It’s basically the best thing in the entire world, and it’s been forever since I’ve done it. So this morning, that was my plan. Unfortunately, my body had other ideas, and (maybe because I was worried I’d miss my 6:13am alarm? Although that’s never happened) woke me up around 4am. I thought maybe it was time to wake up, but my heart sank a little bit when I looked at my clock. After all that, I ended up not getting out of the house until a little before 7, so I knew I’d already missed the actual sunrise. By the time I got to the beach, this was my view:


Sooo I’m not complaining. But one of these days I’ll make it before the sun actually rises.

I ran five miles, and it pretty much sucked. It’s so weird that you can feel so incredibly good running and then a couple days later feel like you can’t even pick up your feet.

My Nike+ on my iPod Nano is pretty jacked, so I’m REALLY hoping I’m getting a Garmin for Christmas. If not, I’ll be buying one with my hard-earned money anyway. Christmas is three weeks away? Weird.

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